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Type 408.100, LBU Series
The smallest, road speed capable, Unimog model. The U90 with GVW 10,580 Lbs, wheelbase of 106" and its 122 HP, turbocharged and intercooled 2.9L, 5 cylinder diesel is a powerful compact workhorse. The all steel short nose cab design (shared with the bigger U130) offers greater ergonomics and visibility than any previous Unimog models. The full range of PTO's, hydraulics and auxilliary transmissions are available for the U90.

Type 418.102, MBU Series
The new medium series Unimog. Standard GVW of 16,530 Lbs, 111" wheelbase with a 133 HP, turbocharged and intercooled 3.9L, 4 cylinder diesel. This engine develops 21% more output from 30% less displacement, while using 10% less fuel. The U130 shares the high visibility cab with the U90 series. This unit offers a multitude of options for all types of tasks. Together with the U90 these models have replaced the older U600, U800, U900, U1100 range of Unimogs.

Type 427.102, SBU Series
The smallest model in the powerful SBU series. The SBU series feature the familiar three man cab. The U1400, standard GVW 16,530 Lbs (optional 18,730 Lbs), wheelbase 104" (optional 128") use the world proven 300 series diesel engine, 136 HP, turbocharged, 5.9L 6 cylinder diesel. The SBU series can be configured for any task which is suitable for a Unimog. It is available in agricultural version with 24 speeds in each direction, and category II and III hitches, front and rear. A wide selection of tires and wheels, all types of PTO's, both torque convertor and hydrostatic drive options make this the most versatile range of Unimogs.

Type 427.105, SBU Series
Dimensionally the same as the U1400, the U1600 offers GVW to 22,000 Lbs, and a wide range of engine outputs. The standard U1600 has the 300 series diesel turbocharged at 155 HP. It is optionally available in a de-rated version at 136 HP, and two turbocharged and intercooled versions 214 HP and 240 HP. As with the U1400 it is available in two wheelbases; 104" and 128". The 104" inch version is available with all wheel steering, making this the most manueverable Unimog. A very popular model, used extensively in municipal service.

Type 437.111, SBU Series
The U1550L offers a chassis that is the "specialist" for high mobility off-road travel. It shares the options of central tire inflation, and increased fording depth with the rest of the 437 series. However, no other Unimog offers the power to weight ratio's of the U1550. Available in 128" and 145" wheelbases, both rated GVW 16,500 Lbs. The range of optional engines; 136 HP, 155 HP, 214 HP and 240 HP means the unit can be precisely tailored to the application. This model is used by Militaries as a 3.0-4.0 ton transport, by Fire Services in a variety of configurations, this is also the "support truck" of choice for cross country ralleys; Paris-Dakar, Paris-Moscow etc. Available with optional crew cab.

Type 437.105, SBU Series
The largest of the 4x4 Unimog models. With its robust frame and heavy axles, this series has a base GVW of 23,300 Lbs and can be specified with options allowing GVW as high as 30,800 Lbs. Three different wheelbases are available; 110", 128" and 152". Engines of 214 HP and 240 HP are offered. The full range of options, PTO's, hydraulics, Ag hitches, cargo beds etc. are available for the shorter wheelbase units. If you need the maximum in cargo carrying capacity, with the highest drawbar and biggest engines, then this is the Unimog series for you.

U2450L 6x6
Type 437.156, SBU Series
Introduced in 1996, the U2450L 6x6 with GVW 37,500 Lbs and a wheelbase of 208", is the "Big" Unimog. It has rapidly proven popular with users in the Military, Fire and Mining industries. The standard 240 HP engine and a cargo capacity of approximately 15,000 Lbs. make this the Unimog of choice for transporting heavy loads off road. As with all of the 437 Series, a full automatic transmission is available for this model.


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